Volume 8 Supplement 3

The chemical senses: recent advances and new promises


Edited by Steven D Munger

  1. Review

    Behavioral genetics and taste

    This review focuses on behavioral genetic studies of sweet, umami, bitter and salt taste responses in mammals. Studies involving mouse inbred strain comparisons and genetic analyses, and their impact on elucid...

    John D Boughter Jr and Alexander A Bachmanov

    BMC Neuroscience 2007 8(Suppl 3):S3

    Published on: 18 September 2007

  2. Review

    Factors that regulate embryonic gustatory development

    Numerous molecular factors orchestrate the development of the peripheral taste system. The unique anatomy/function of the taste system makes this system ideal for understanding the mechanisms by which these fa...

    Robin F Krimm

    BMC Neuroscience 2007 8(Suppl 3):S4

    Published on: 18 September 2007

  3. Review

    The neural processing of taste

    Although there have been many recent advances in the field of gustatory neurobiology, our knowledge of how the nervous system is organized to process information about taste is still far from complete. Many st...

    Christian H Lemon and Donald B Katz

    BMC Neuroscience 2007 8(Suppl 3):S5

    Published on: 18 September 2007