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Table 4 List of the 11 AmFoxP expressing neuron populations (clusters or groups) and their co-expressed neurotransmitter(s) (Glut: glutamate, Ach: acetylcholine) ordered from anterior to posterior

From: Identification of the neurotransmitter profile of AmFoxP expressing neurons in the honeybee brain using double-label in situ hybridization

# Type of AmFoxP neuron population Localization Name Neurotransmitter Figures
1 Group Around (peri) antennal lobe pAL GABA, Glut, Ach Figure 3
2 Cluster Anteriodorsal to esophageal hole adES Glu Figure 3
3 Group Around (peri) medulla pME GABA, Glut, Ach Figure 4
4 Cluster Lateral to the lateral horn lLH Ach Figure 5
5 Cluster Anteriolateral to the lateral calyx alLCA GABA Figure 6
6 Group Dorsal to the central complex dCX Glu, GABA Figure 8
7 Cluster Ventral to the medial calyx vMCA Ach Figure 8
8 cluster Posteriolateral to the lateral calyx plLCA Ach Figure 10
9.1 Cluster Medioventral to the lobula, anterior mvLO-a Ach Figure 10
9.2 Cluster Medioventral to the lobula, posterior mvLO-p Ach Figure 10
10 Cluster Middle Kenyon cells mKC Ach Figure 12
11 Group Ventral to the gnathal ganglia vGNG GABA, Glut, Ach Figure 7