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Table 1 Results from iTRAQ analyses for the proteins included in targeted proteomics

From: Proteomic analyses of limbic regions in neonatal male, female and androgen receptor knockout mice

Proteins Uniprot accession nr Fold changea p valueb
Scaffolders and adaptors
 Neurobeachin Q9EPN1 1.09 0.022
G-proteins and modulators
 Neuromodulin P06837 −1.1 0.002
 Septin-7 O55131 −1.1 0.002
Cytoskeletal and cell adhesion
 Myristoylated alanine-rich C-kinase substrate P26645 −1.22 0.007
 Neurochondrin Q9Z0E0 1.12 0.049
Transcription and translation
 General transcription factor II-I Q9ESZ8 1.15 0.049
  1. aFold changes between males and females. Positive values represent male-biased proteins and negative values represent female-biased proteins
  2. bProteins differentially expressed (p ≤ 0.05) in males and females