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Archived Comments for: A functional comparison of the domestic cat bitter receptors Tas2r38 and Tas2r43 with their human orthologs

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  1. Abstract correction

    Michelle Sandau, AFB International

    8 July 2015

    The authors would like to clarify the following sentence from the abstract, “The cat sequence for Tas2r38 contains 3 major amino acid residues known to confer the taster phenotype (PAI), which is associated with sensitivity to the bitter compounds PROP and PTC.”  Although P, A, and I are major amino acid residue sites known to mediate sensitivity to PROP and PTC, PAI is a rare human haplotype. In cellular assays, PAI shows identical behavior to PAV, the common taster haplotype in humans (B. Bufe et al., The molecular basis of individual differences in phenylthiocarbamide and propylthiouracil bitterness perception. Curr Biol 15, 322–327 (2005).).

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