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Table 1 Location of retrogradely labelled neurons in brainstem nuclei of the fetal sheep at G140 and G55.

From: The development of descending projections from the brainstem to the spinal cord in the fetal sheep


Gestational Age




"cap" around the icp

Ambiguus nucleus

Cells within pyramidal tract

Cuneate nucleus

Deep mesencephalic nucleus

Dorsal paragigantocellular reticular nucleus

Dorsal raphe nucleus

Edinger-Westphal nucleus

External cuneate nucleus

Gigantocellular reticular nucleus

Gracile nucleus

Gray matter of dorsal horn

Gray matter of ventral horn

Intermediolateral gray

Interstitial nucleus of the mlf

Kölliker-Fuse nucleus

Labelling along border edge of cuneate nucleus

Labelling around the superior olivary complex

Lateral reticular nucleus

Locus coeruleus

Medullary reticular formation (dorsal)

Medullary reticular formation (ventral)

Nucleus of Darkschewitsch

Nucleus of the solitary tract

Nucleus of the trapezoid body

Parabrachial nucleus

Paramedian reticular nucleus

Parvocellular reticular nucleus

Pontine reticular nucleus (caudal)

Oral pontine reticular nucleus

Raphe magnus nucleus

Raphe obscurus nucleus

Raphe pallidus nucleus

Red nucleus

Spinal trigeminal nucleus


Superior collicular nucleus

Vestibular nucleus

  1. = supraspinal projections within the nucleus. = no neurons within the nuclei contain supraspinal projections.