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Archived Comments for: An extremely rich repertoire of bursting patterns during the development of cortical cultures

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  1. Access to These Data

    Steve Potter, Georgia Institute of Technology-Laboratory for Neuroengineering

    10 January 2007

    Access is free to all of the data described in this article. In addition, we provide codelets to help process it in batch mode, as well as help files, and format descriptions. The total size of the data sets is over 45GB. For your access code, please send a request to me:

    Prof. Steve Potter <>

    Competing interests

    None declared

  2. Web access to data

    Daniel A. Wagenaar, University of California, San Diego

    9 March 2007

    All raw data used for this report may be obtained from the web, at

    Analogues of Figure 1 for each of the 58 cultures studied are available at the same location. Requests for access may be sent to Steve Potter (

    Competing interests

    Poster of comment is author of paper.