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Table 1 List of primary antibodies

From: Time course and progression of wild type α-Synuclein accumulation in a transgenic mouse model

Species Antigen Clone Source Item # Dilution
rat Human α-Synuclein 15 G7 Enzo Life Sciences, Plymouth Meeting, PA 804-258-L001 1:20
mouse Human phospho α-Synuclein EP1536Y Abcam, Cambridge, UK ab51253 1:2000
mouse α-Synuclein 4D6 Abcam ab1903 1:500
goat α/β-Synuclein, N-terminal poly Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Santa Cruz, CA sc-7012 1:300
goat Doublecortin poly Santa Cruz Biotechnology sc-8066 1:200
rabbit Iba1/AIF1 poly ProteinTech Group, Chicago, IL 10904-1-AP 1:500
rabbit Tyrosine hydroxylase poly Novus Biologicals, Cambridge, UK NB300-109 1:1000
rabbit Neurogranin poly Millipore, Temecula, CA AB5620 1:1000
mouse GAD67 1 G10.2 Millipore MAB5406 1:2000
mouse PSA-NCAM 2-2B Millipore MAB5324 1:200
mouse N-ErbB4 H4.77.16 LabVision, Fremont, CA MS-270 (mAb-77) 3 μg/ml
rabbit C-ErbB4 mAb-10 Buonanno Lab, NIH; Vullhorst et al., 2009 mAb-10 3 μg/ml