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Figure 7

From: An olfactory demography of a diverse metropolitan population

Figure 7

Perception of odour pleasantness in different demographic groups. a-g, The evaluation presented in a-g of seven demographic groups is derived from the full population in Figure 6. Only the 20 most pleasant and the 20 most unpleasant stimuli are shown for each group. Odour names are labelled according to odour concentration: grey: low; black: high. The inset shows the legend for the histograms (Ns: < 35 years: 195; > 35 years: 196; Women: 210; Men: 181; Asians: 31; African-Americans: 97; Caucasians: 178). Subjects were divided by age according to the median of 34.6 years, which is rounded to 35 years for labeling the figure.

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