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How autism symptoms could develop at the neuron level: an information management perspective


One of the authors discovered that certain unconventional treatments for dyslexia, ADHD and other mental conditions use the same techniques that are used to remove capacity bottlenecks in large computers. Breakthrough experiences from one of those treatments led to the question: Would it be possible to build an information management model through which the capacity bottleneck theory could be confirmed? We want to provide a working theory through which the development of autism symptoms can be understood at the neuron level. The further aim is to provide a novel basis for the development of new treatments.


Starting with fundamental architectural criteria as they are known from the brain, an architectural approach, as used in the information technology industry, was used to develop an information management model for the human brain. The model is defined to a level so it can be programmed and initial simulation started. To "disrupt" the expected operation of the model, capacity bottlenecks [1] were added to the theoretical model.


In theory it is possible to explain how autism as well as other mental disorders could develop. Through using capacity management techniques, it should be possible to develop novel therapies.


It is likely that autism and other mental disorders are primarily an information management matter, whereby capacity bottlenecks provide the primary cause.


  1. Oetringer E, Fitzgerald M: Hypotheses: Capacity bottlenecks cause mental conditions and disorders. Bioscience Hypotheses. 2008, 1: 28-31. 10.1016/j.bihy.2008.02.002. 101016/j.bihy.2008.02.002

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