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Table 3 The top 20 results of the GO function and KEGG pathway of candidate genes

From: Identification of hub genes in the subacute spinal cord injury in rats

Category GO Description Genes Log(q-value)
GO Biological Processes GO:0032640 tumor necrosis factor production Tspo Hspb1 Jak2 Ptprc Stat3 Tnfrsf1a Tlr4 Cybb Cyba Gpnmb Ifngr1 Ptpn6 Pycard Myd88 Ripk1 Axl Tlr2 Pf4 Clec4a3 Ly96 − 10
KEGG Pathway ko05140 Leishmaniasis Itgb1 Jak2 Itgam Tlr4 Mapk12 Cyba Ifngr1 Ptpn6 Fcgr1a Myd88 Fcgr3a Itgb2 Tlr2 Ifngr2 − 10
Reactome Gene Sets R-RNO-168249 Innate Immune System Cd53 Ptprc Ctsc Cd63 Tlr4 C1qb Anxa2 Mapk12 Lgmn Pygl Apaf1 Cyba Lyn Lgals3 C3ar1 Shc1 Gmfg Ptpn6 Lcp2 Cd68 Fcgr2b Serpinb1a Folr2 C1qa Cfp Myd88 Fcgr3a Nkiras1 Itgb2 Tlr2 Ptges2 Cmtm6 Tlr7 C1qc S100a11 − 9.4
GO Biological Processes GO:0002274 myeloid leukocyte activation Hmox1 Jak2 Itgam Casp1 Ctsc Tlr4 Lyn Tgfbr2 Ifngr1 Lcp2 Pycard Fcgr2b C1qa Myd88 Fcgr3a Tnip2 Itgb2 Tlr2 Myo1f Ifngr2 Btk − 8.5
GO Biological Processes GO:0050900 leukocyte migration B4galt1 Itgb1 Itgam Vav1 Ninj1 Anxa1 Stk10 P2rx4 Lgmn Lyn Msn Lgals3 Vegfa C3ar1 Pycard Folr2 Myd88 Itgb2 Tlr2 Pf4 Ccl27 St3gal4 Cxcl16 Dock8 − 7.9
GO Biological Processes GO:0030335 positive regulation of cell migration Hmox1 Hspb1 Itgb1 Jak2 Ptprc Stat3 Anxa1 Fgf9 Tlr4 P2rx4 Lgmn Pfn1 Dab2 Lyn Tgfbr2 Lgals3 Vegfa C3ar1 Gpnmb P2ry6 Pycard Flna Tlr2 Myo1f Rras Ccl27 S100a11 Cxcl16 Dock8 − 7.6
KEGG Pathway ko05133 Pertussis Itgb1 Itgam Casp1 Tlr4 C1qb Mapk12 Pycard C1qa Myd88 Itgb2 C1qc Ly96 − 7.6
GO Biological Processes GO:0046651 lymphocyte proliferation Ptprc Itgam Anxa1 Tlr4 Inpp5d Lyn Msn Tgfbr2 Lgals3 Laptm5 Gpnmb Cdkn1a Ptpn6 Cblb Pycard Fcgr2b Myd88 Pura Itgb2 Btk Dock8 − 7.1
WikiPathways WP44 IL-5 signaling pathway Jak2 Itgam Stat3 Vav1 Alox5ap Lyn Shc1 Ptpn6 Hcls1 Itgb2 Btk − 6.7
GO Biological Processes GO:0045087 innate immune response Jak2 Vav1 Casp1 Anxa1 Tlr4 C1qb Cybb Cyba Lyn Lgals3 Ptpn6 Slc15a3 Pycard Serpinb1a Mrc1 Capg C1qa Cfp Fbxo9 Myd88 Cdc42ep2 Tlr2 Tnfaip8l2 Myo1f Tlr7 Ifitm3 C1qc Cxcl16 − 5.9
KEGG Pathway ko05150 Staphylococcus aureus infection Itgam C1qb C3ar1 Fcgr2b Fcgr1a C1qa Fcgr3a Itgb2 C1qc − 5.6
GO Biological Processes GO:0042060 wound healing B4galt1 Hmox1 Hspb1 Itgb1 Jak2 Anxa1 Tlr4 Anxa2 Lyn Tgfbr2 Vegfa Cdkn1a Timp1 Ptpn6 Flna Il10rb Fcgr3a Lcp1 Axl Pf4 St3gal4 Clic1 − 5.6
GO Biological Processes GO:0001818 negative regulation of cytokine production Tspo Hmox1 Ppm1b Ptprc Anxa1 Tnfrsf1a Tlr4 Inpp5d Laptm5 Gpnmb Ptpn6 Pycard Fcgr2b Serpinb1a Axl Tlr2 Clec4a3 Btk − 5.6
GO Biological Processes GO:0002252 immune effector process Hmox1 Ptprc Itgam Stat3 Vav1 Anxa1 Ctsc Tlr4 C1qb Inpp5d Lyn Lgals3 Laptm5 Ptpn6 Pycard Fcgr2b Fcgr1a C1qa Cfp Myd88 Lcp1 Itgb2 Tlr2 Myo1f C1qc Btk − 5.4
Reactome Gene Sets R-RNO-109582 Hemostasis Itgb1 Jak2 Cd63 P2rx4 Inpp5d Anxa2 Lyn Slc7a7 Vegfa Shc1 Gna15 Timp1 Ptpn6 Lcp2 Kif22 Flna Itgb2 Pf4 Dock8 Gng13 Gngt2 − 4.9
GO Biological Processes GO:0030155 regulation of cell adhesion Hspb1 Itgb1 Jak2 Ptprc Vav1 Ninj1 Anxa1 P4hb Cd63 Dab2 Lyn Tgfbr2 Lgals3 Vegfa Laptm5 Gpnmb Ptpn6 Cblb Pycard Efemp2 Flna Itgb2 Tnfaip8l2 Myo1f Rras St3gal4 Dock8 Coro1c − 4.9
KEGG Pathway ko05205 Proteoglycans in cancer Itgb1 Stat3 Cd63 Tlr4 Mapk12 Msn Vegfa Cdkn1a Ptpn6 Cblb Hcls1 Flna Tlr2 Rras − 4.7
GO Biological Processes GO:0048661 positive regulation of smooth muscle cell proliferation Hmox1 Jak2 Fgf9 Tlr4 Cyba Tgfbr2 Vegfa C3ar1 Shc1 P2ry6 Myd88 − 4.6
KEGG Pathway ko05134 Legionellosis Itgam Casp1 Tlr4 Apaf1 Pycard Myd88 Itgb2 Tlr2 −4.4
GO Biological Processes GO:0010803 regulation of tumor necrosis factor-mediated signaling pathway Casp1 Tnfrsf1a Laptm5 Casp4 Pycard Nkiras1 Ripk1 − 4.4