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Table 1 Names of variables

From: Autoreceptor control of serotonin dynamics

In equations and text Full name
bh2 Dihydrobiopterin
bh4 Tetrahydrobiopterin
trp Tryptophan
btrp Blood tryptophan
htp 5-Hydroxytryptamine
cht Cytosolic serotonin
vht Vesicular serotonin
eht Extracellular serotonin
hiaa 5-Hydroxyindoleacetic acid
pool The tryptophan pool
\(G_{ht}^*\) Serotonin activated G-protein
\(T_{ht}^*\) Serotonin activated T regulatory protein
\(B_{ht}\) Serotonin autoreceptors bound to eht
ght Glial serotonin
\(G_{ha}^*\) Histamine activated G-protein
\(T_{ha}^*\) Histamine activated T regulatory protein
\(B_{ha}\) Histamine autoreceptors bound to eha
eha Extracellular histamine