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Table 3 Correlation analysis

From: Weak correlations between serum and cerebrospinal fluid levels of estradiol, progesterone and testosterone in males

Estradiol (serum) Estradiol (CSF) rho = 0.120 p = 0.595
Progesterone (serum) Progesterone (CSF) rho = 0.212 p = 0.344
Testosterone (serum) Testosterone (CSF) rho = 0.236 p = 0.290
  1. Spearman rank correlation analysis of CSF and serum levels revealed no strong correlation for estradiol, progesterone or testosterone between serum and CSF. An absolute value of the correlation coefficient (rho) of 0.00–0.19 indicates a very weak correlation, 0.20–0.39 a weak correlation, 0.40–0.59 a moderate correlation, 0.60–0.79 a strong correlation and a value of 0.80–1.0 a very strong correlation
  2. CSF cerebrospinal fluid