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Fig. 4

From: The role of PI3K-mediated AMPA receptor changes in post-conditioning of propofol in brain protection

Fig. 4

Propofol post-conditioning promoted the expression of GluR2 on the membrane structure. A The tissue extracted by the membrane protein kit was reflected by Western Blotting with antibody of GluR2 subunit. In Group IR, most of the GluR2 located on the membrane structure, while in L + P Group the trafficking to membrane structure was weakened. S: sham-operated group; IR: P: propofol Post-cond group; L + S: sham-operated group; L + IR: LY294002 + ischemia–reperfusion injury group; L + P: LY294002 + propofol Post-cond group. B We measured the concentration of GluR2 subunits located on membrane with the proportion of M/T (membrane/total) and found that the proportion in Sham Group did not change much, so the results in other groups were reflected by the comparison with Sham group. Compared with Group IR the GluR2 moved to the membrane structure (P = 0.015 at 5 h, P < 0.0001 at 11 h and 23 h). Compared with Group P, the ratio of M/T in Group L + P was lower (P = 0.028 at 5 h, P = 0.005 at 11 h, P = 0.002 at 23 h). n = 6 for each group.*P < 0.05 vs Group IR; **P < 0.01 vs Group IR; #P < 0.05 vs Group P; ##P < 0.05 vs Group P

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