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Fig. 5

From: Behavior, protein, and dendritic changes after model traumatic brain injury and treatment with nanocoffee particles

Fig. 5

Soma size and spine densities. a Soma size was increased by 11% in untreated TBI mice relative to sham mice, though this result was not statistically significant. No changes were observed in mice treated with nanocoffee. b T-type spines were elevated in density in the uninjured, nanocoffee treated group (p = 0.41). c D-type spines displayed a 13% increase after TBI that was reversed back to sham levels by the nanocoffee treatment (p = 0.046). For the Sham Vehicle group, 5 mice were analyzed and 34 total neurons. For the Sham Nanocoffee group, 4 mice and 28 total neurons were analyzed. For the TBI Vehicle and Nanocoffee groups, 4 mice and 25 total neurons were analyzed

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