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Fig. 3

From: Behavior, protein, and dendritic changes after model traumatic brain injury and treatment with nanocoffee particles

Fig. 3

Protein levels. Western blots were used to assess protein levels within the cortex and hippocampus on both the ipsilateral (right) and contralateral (left) sides of the brain relative to the injury. Quantification is performed and expression levels relative to β-actin are shown. a PARP was increased in vehicle treated TBI mice in the ipsilateral hemisphere. b In the contralateral hemisphere, the opposite effect was observed. p-Erk (c), Erk2 (d), and β-catenin (e) all shown increases in vehicle treated TBI mice on the ipsilateral side. On the contralateral side, Akt (f) was increased with injury and further increased by treatment. p-Akt was decreased with injury in the ipsilateral hemisphere (g) and increased with treatment in the contralateral hemisphere (h). No significicant changes were observed in the p-Akt/Akt ratio on the ipsilateral side (i) or the contralateral side (j). Finally, pGSK3β/GSK3 ratio was decreased with treatment in injured mice in right hippocampus (k) and decreased with injury in left hippocampus (l)

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