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Table 1 Comparison of internal structure textures of the median nerve sections following different staining methods

From: An enhanced staining method K-B-2R staining for three-dimensional nerve reconstruction

Group Karnovsky–Roots staining K-B staining K-B-2R staining
Nerve fascicle texture Aggregation region of diffuse spots Pale blue circle-like region Reddish circle-like region
Nerve fascicle edge No Indistinct Clear
Space among nerve fascicles Slight non-specific staining Intermittent non-specific staining Even staining
Myelin sheath No No Clear
Motor nerve fiber Indistinct Indistinct Explicit
Sensory nerve fiber Indistinct Indistinct Explicit
Relationship between myelin sheath and typical spots of nerve fibers Explicit
Acetylcholinesterase-positive site Brownish-yellow Blue black Black
Transitional region among spots Occasional non-specific staining Even pale blue Reddish