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Table 1 Mutant strains quantified for differences in temperature-dependent locomotory behavior

From: Neuro-genetic plasticity of Caenorhabditis elegans behavioral thermal tolerance

Strain Mutant gene(s) Allele Mutation typea
N2 wildtype Bristol   
CB4856 wildtype Hawaii   
TJ1052 age-1 hx546 Substitution
CB6055 bus-8 e2698 Substitution
CB1112 cat-2 e1112 Substitution
TN101 cha-1 cn101 From EMS
CB1124 che-3 e1124 Substitution
PY1589 cmk-1 oy21 Substitution
PR673 daf-21 p673 From EMS
RM2702 dat-1 ok157 From UV/TMP
JT748 dgk-1 sa748 From EMS
LX636 dop-1 vs101 Deletion
LX703 dop-3 vs106 Deletion in promotor and 1st transmembrane domain
BZ33 dys-1 eg33 From EMS
DA572 eat-4 ad572 From X-ray
MT1212 egl-19 n582 Substitution
VC461 egl-3 gk238 Deletion
IK597 gcy-23; gcy-8; gcy-18 nj37, oy44, nj38 All deletions
IK800 gcy-8 oy44 Deletion
KP4 glr-1 n2461 Substitution
RB1808 glr-2 ok2342 Deletion
JT734 goa-1 sa734 Substitution
PS3551 hsf-1 sy441 Substitution
RB791 hsp-16.48 ok577 Deletion
MT382 lin-11 n382 From EMS
CB1515 mec-10 e1515 Substitution
CB1338 mec-3(e1338) e1338 Insertion–frameshift
VC2396 mec-3(gk1126) gk1126 Insertion/deletion
CB1339 mec-4 e1339 Substitution
CB1472 mec-6 e1342 Substitution
DA609 npr-1 ad609 Substitution
CX2065 odr-1 n1936 From EMS
CX2205 odr-3 n2150 From EMS
MT3631 osm-3 n1545 or n1540 From EMS
PR811 osm-6 p811 Substitution
IK105 pkc-1 nj1 Substitution
PR671 tax-2 p671 Substitution
FK129 tax-4(ks11) ks11 Substitution
PR678 tax-4(p678) p678 Substitution
PR675 tax-6 p675 Substitution
GR1321 tph-1; cam-1 mg280 & vs166 Deletion
VC160 trp-1 ok323 Deletion
RB1052 trpa-1 ok999 Uncurated
PR767 ttx-1 p767 Substitution
FK134 ttx-3 ks5 Substitution
IK575 ttx-7 nj40 Substitution
TN110 twk-18 cn110 Substitution
MT1684 unc-105(n490n785) n490n785 Double mutation
MT1098 unc-105(n506) n506 Uncurated
VC854 unc-2 gk366 Deletion
BC18 unc-22 s13 From EMS
CB403 unc-29 e403 Substitution
CB251 unc-36 e251 Substitution
ZZ20 unc-38 x20 Uncurated
CB177 unc-46 e177 Substitution
CB382 unc-49 e382 Substitution
BC347 unc-54 s74 Substitution
CB1068 unc-79 e1068 From EMS
MT1085 unc-8 n491 Substitution
CB1069 unc-80 e1069 From EMS
MT200 unc-93 n200 From EMS
  1. aMutation information from