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Table 3 Biomarkers significantly upregulated by vortioxetine in rat frontal cortex (VEH vs. VOR)

From: Neuroplasticity pathways and protein-interaction networks are modulated by vortioxetine in rodents

Gene name Protein ID Un-corrected p value <0.05
Cacng2 CCG2 0.0173
Cacng6 CCG6 0.0173
Cacng8 CCG8 0.0173
Grik4 GRIK4 0.0095
Grik5 GRIK5 0.0095
Grm1 GRM1 0.0095
Grm5 GRM5 0.0095
Grm7 GRM7 0.0095
Homer3 HOMER3 0.0095
Htr1b 5-HT1B 0.0173
Mtor MTOR 0.0317
Ppp1r9b Spinophilin/NEB2 0.0303
Prkca KPCA 0.0303
Syn3 SYN3 0.0317
  1. Significance is determined relative to VEH (saline) treatment (n = 5 animals for VEH; n = 6 animals for VOR). Due to the lower sample size, significance was not achieved following correction for multiple testing and thus, significant targets before correction were determined. A total of 14 targets were significantly modulated in response to VOR treatment and used as inputs in the network analysis