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Table 2 Biomarkers significantly upregulated by vortioxetine in mouse hippocampus (Old VEH vs. Old VOR)

From: Neuroplasticity pathways and protein-interaction networks are modulated by vortioxetine in rodents

Gene name Protein ID BHa corrected p value
Arc ARC 0.0174
Fmr1 FMR1 0.0217
Ndor1 NDOR1 0.0174
Shank1 SHANK1 0.0217
Slc6a3 SC6A3 0.0174
  1. Significance is determined relative to vehicle (VEH) treatment (n = 10 animals per group). Following correction for multiple testing, 5 genes were significantly upregulated and used as inputs for the subsequent network analysis
  2. aBenjamini–Hochberg correction for multiple testing