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Fig. 2

From: Using Kalirin conditional knockout mice to distinguish its role in dopamine receptor mediated behaviors

Fig. 2

GluN2B blockade with ifenprodil inhibits cocaine locomotor hypersensitization in Kal7KO mice. a Wildtype and Kal7KO mice were given a 2 mg/kg injection (i.p.) of ifenprodil 10 min before receiving a saline or cocaine injection. Kal7KO mice showed a significant decrease in cocaine-induced hyper-locomotion following treatment with ifenprodil. The cocaine response of wildtype mice was unaffected by ifenprodil (Additional file 1: Fig. S1). Males only, N = 7 each genotype. The effect of ifenprodil was barely significant for the first cocaine injection (p = 0.036) but the repeated effect of ifenprodil was highly significant (SigmaPlot using repeated measures ANOVA, p < 0.001). b Simple circuit diagram depicting some of the connections between the prefrontal cortex (PFC), nucleus accumbens (NAc) and the ventral tegmental area (VTA). Darker solid lines denote connections believed to be enhanced by prolonged cocaine exposure, while dashed lines depict connections thought to be weakened by cocaine [3, 4, 35,36,37]. Cre-recombinase mediated decrease in Kalirin expression will occur in the indicated neurons

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