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Table 1 Patient characteristics

From: Impact of cognitive stimulation on ripples within human epileptic and non-epileptic hippocampus

Subject Gender Age at SEEG FS Age at Seizure onset MRI before SEEG Type and side of epilepsy SOZ Intervention/histopathology Postoperative outcome (follow-up) Number of analyzed hippocampal contacts
1 F 28 13 Meningoencephalocele and hypotrophy of left temporal pole TLE/L Left temporopolar region AMTR and plastic surgery of skull base Seizure-free (3 years) 3 (E)
2 F 23 13 Local atrophy and gliosis in the horn of left lateral ventricle after exstirpation of pilocystic astrocytoma within parieto-occipital region ETLE/L Left parieto-occipital bounder and occipital lobe Reoperation: lesionectomy/reparative changes after exstirpation of astrocytoma Seizure-free (1 year) 3 (N)
3 F 37 17 Normal TLE/R Right hippocampus AMTR/FCD Seizure-free (3 years) 8 (E)
4 M 35 23 Normal TLE/R Right hippocampus AMTR/normal Improved (2.5 years) 5 (E), 5 (N)
5 F 33 + 5 Normal TLE/R Right hippocampus and temp. pole AMTR/FCD Improved (1.5 years) 5 (E), 3 (N)
6 F 25 6 Susp. cortical dysplasia TPO left ETLE/L Left lateral tempo–parieto–occipital region Focal cortectomy/normal Not improved (2 years) 3 (N)
7 M 47 + 6 Slight atrophy of right hippocampus ETLE/R Right lateral parieto-occipital region VNS/– Non-responder (1.5 years) 7 (N)
8 M 35 28 MTS left TLE/L Left hippocampus AMTR/gliosis Improved (3 years) 2 (E), 6 (N)
9 F 28 3.5 normal ETLE/R Multifocal frontal VNS/– Responder (1 year) 3 (N)
10 F 20 16 Left temporal pole resection due to epilepsy TLE/bilat Left and right hippocampus (independ.) VNS/– Non-responder (1 year) 8 (E)
  1. SEEG stereoelectroencephalography, FS febrile seizures, SOZ seizure onset zone, MTS mesiotemporal sclerosis, TPO temporo–parieto–occipital, TLE tempoval lobe epilepsy, ETLE extratemporal lobe epilepsy, R right, L left, AMTR anteromesial temporal resection, VNS vagal nerve stimulation, FCD focal cortical dysplasia, (E) epileptic, (N) non-epileptic.