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Table 1 TRNA of AT1R-dependent NTS Expression

From: Transcriptional regulation network analysis of the hypertension-perturbed nucleus tractus solitarius

TF Family Enriched TRE Fisher's p-value
CREB V$CREB_Q2_01 0.045
ATF V$ATF1_Q6 0.016
ATF V$ATF3_Q6 0.035
ATF V$ATF6_01 0.027
E2F V$E2F1_Q3_01 0.016
MEF2 V$ZID_01 0.0065
Pax V$PAX3_B 0.0012
cRel V$CREL_01 0.0023
KROX/egr1 V$KROX_Q6 0.036