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Computational Neuroscience (CNS*2008)

The international Computational Neurosciencemeeting (CNS) has been a premier forum for presenting experimental and theoretical results exploring the biology of computation in the nervous system for the last 17 years. The meeting is organized by the Organization for Computational Neurosciences, a non-profit organization governed by an international executive committee and board of directors. A separate program committee is responsible for the scientific program of the meeting. Participants at the meeting are from academia and industry. The meeting not only provides a venue for research presentation and discussion by senior scientists but actively offers a forum for promoting and supporting young scientists and students from around the world.

The papers in this supplemental volume were presented at the 17th annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting (CNS*2008) held in Portland, Oregon, USA from Saturday July 19 to Thursday July 24, 2008. The meeting consisted of a welcome reception, three days of oral and poster sessions, a banquet, and two days of workshops. The main meeting was held at the Benson Hotel in downtown Portland and workshops were held at the Oregon Health and Sciences University. This year the meeting included several invited talks linking systems biology and computational neuroscience. These talks focused on the use of computational models to examine the role of sub-cellular processes in memory and synaptic plasticity. In addition Erik De Schutter discussed the relationship between computational neuroscience and systems biology and the future of computational neuroscience in a special lecture "Computational Neuroscience and Systems Biology: the Past, the Now and the Future".

Abstracts for the meeting were submitted in early February. Those authors wanting an oral presentation also submitted an extended summary of their work. The abstracts were reviewed by the Program Committee and each extended summary was additionally reviewed and scored by three independent reviewers. In the end 173 papers were accepted for the meeting. The review comments and scores for the extended summaries were used by the Program Committee to construct the final oral and poster programs.

Abstracts for invited talks are given first, followed by abstracts of oral presentations in order of presentation at the meeting and abstracts for posters. Abstracts for poster presentations are grouped by topic according to keywords chosen by the authors in their initial submissions. Clearly some papers could fit under multiple topics, so this classification is by no means precise. Nevertheless, these abstracts represent a sampling of some of the exciting work being done today, often by young researchers, in the field of Computational Neuroscience.

CNS*2008 Program Committee

Bill Holmes, Chair (Ohio University), Don Johnson, Incoming Chair (Rice University), Victoria Booth (University of Michigan), Sharon Crook (Arizona State University), Markus Diesmann (RIKEN), Alex Dimitrov (Montana State University), Jeanette Hellgren-Kotaleski (Karolinska Institute), Tay Netoff (University of Minnesota), Hiroshi Okamoto (RIKEN, Japan), Astrid Prinz (Emory University), Harel Shouval (University of Texas Medical Center), Volker Steuber (University of Hertfordshire)

CNS*2008 Reviewers

Pablo Achard, Kurt Ahrens, James Bednar, Upinder Bhalla, Avrama Blackwell, Victoria Booth, Alla Borisyuk, Amitabha Bose, Vladimir Brezina, Sharon Crook, Gennady Cymbalyuk, Peter Dayan, Michael Denker, Markus Diesmann, Alex Dimitrov, Ramana Dodla, Roberto Fernández-Galan, Nicolas Fourcaud-Trocme, Erik Fransen, Marc-Oliver Gewaltig, Bruce Graham, Sonja Gruen, Cengiz Gunay, Michael Hasselmo, Christian Hauptmann, Jeanette Hellgren-Kotaleski, J. Michael Herrmann, Voicu Horatiu, Mikael Huss, Kazuhisa Ichikawa, Vladimir Itskov, Dieter Jaeger, Szabolcs Kali, Maciej Lazarewicz, Tim Lewis, Hualou Liang, Niklas Ludtke, William Lytton, Paul Miller, Samat Moldakarimov, Abigail Morrison, Tay Netoff, Ernst Niebur, Hiroshi Okamoto, Eckehard Olbrich, Sorinel Oprisan, Astrid Prinz, David Redish, Patrick Roberts, Horacio Rotstein, Yasser Roudi, Jonathan Rubin, Yukata Sakai, Emilio Salinas, Chang-Woo Shin, Harel Shouval, Asya Shpiro, Karen Sigvardt, Volker Steuber, David Sterratt, Benjamin Torben-Nielsen, Arjen vanOoyen, Yuguo Yu.

CNS*2008 Local Organizer

Patrick Roberts (Oregon Health & Sciences University)

CNS*2008 Workshop Chair

Dieter Jaeger (Emory University)

Government Liaisons

Dennis Glanzman (NIMH), Yuan Liu (NINDS), Kenneth Whang (NSF)

CNS – Organization for Computational Neuroscience

Ranu Jung (Arizona State University), President

Dieter Jaeger (Emory University), Vice-President

Alain Destexhe (CNRS), Vice-President

Frances Skinner (Toronto Western Research Institute), Treasurer

Tim Lewis (University of California-Davis), Travel Grants

Christiane Linster (Cornell University) Communications Chair

Jean Marc-Fellous (University of Arizona), Sponsorship

Linda Larson-Prior (Washington University), past Treasurer, ex-officio

CNS Board of Directors

James Bednar (University of Edinburgh), Ingo Bojak (Swinburne University), Frances Chance (University of California, Irvine), Sophie Deneve (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Collège de France), Udo Ernst (University of Bremen), Jean-Marc Fellous (University of Arizona), Leslie Kay (University of Chicago), Tim Lewis (University of California, Davis), Christiane Linster (Cornell University), Klaus Obermayer (Technische Universität Berlin), David Redish (University of Minnesota), Patrick Roberts (Oregon Health and Science University), Emilio Salinas (Wake Forest University), Steven Schiff (Penn State University), Todd Troyer (University of Texas, San Antonio), Susan Wearne (Mt. Sinai School of Medicine), Christina Weaver (Mt. Sinai School of Medicine)

For more information about the organization, please see

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Corresponding authors

Correspondence to William R Holmes, Ranu Jung or Patrick Roberts.

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