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Figure 1

From: The Adhesion GPCR GPR125 is specifically expressed in the choroid plexus and is upregulated following brain injury

Figure 1

A) A consensus neighbour-joining tree calculated in protdist and neighbour from the Phylip package version 3.66 with default settings and 1000 replicates. Methuselah-like/Drosophila and Secretin/B1 sequences were downloaded from (Harmar, 2001). The Adhesion group has been named III according to Bjarnadottir and colleagues (Bjarnadottir et al., 2004) and is indicated by the shaded circle. B) Representation of Adhesion Group III N-terminals and their incorporated domains identified via rps-blast at with a cutoff value of 0.1. The sequences are grouped according to Bjarnadottir and colleagues division in group I-VIII. Represented sequences are H – Homo sapiens, Tn – Tetraodon nigroviridis, Tr – Takifugu rubripes and Dm – Drosophila melanogaster. Possible domains are GPS – GPCR proteolytic site, HBD – hormone binding domain, LRR – leucine rich repeats, Ig – immunoglobulin and 7TM – seven transmembrane domains. The numbers above the N-terminal indicate the length in number of amino acids.

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