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Figure 4

From: A large population of diverse neurons in the Drosophilacentral nervous system expresses short neuropeptide F, suggesting multiple distributed peptide functions

Figure 4

Expression of sNPF-Gal4 driven GFP in the larval CNS. The NP6301 Gal4 line appears to match the sNPF immunolabeling as seen in these dorsal views of the ventral nerve cord (A-D and brain (E-G). Anterior is up in the images. A. sNPF-Gal4 expression in third thoracic and first three abdominal neuromeres. Segmentally arranged lateral cell bodies (LCb) and the dorsal pair (DP) in A1. B. Detail of the DP neurons and longitudinal axonal tracts (arrows). C1 and C2. Double labeling with sNPF-Gal4-GFP and anti-sNPFp in abdominal neuromeres. Note that with a few exceptions the two markers colocalize. A set of median segmental neurons (ML) and some posterior neurons (arrow) express only sNPF-gal4. D1-3. Expression of immunolabeling and Gal4 in processes of the terminal plexus in A8/9 (arrows). E-G. In the larval brain the intrinsic neurons of the mushroom bodies express sNPF-Gal4. GFP can thus be seen in α,β and γ-lobes, the peduncle (P) and calyx (Ca). Note that the core of the lobes is devoid of GFP (arrows). In G the cell bodies of the Kenyon cells are depicted.

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