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Figure 11

From: A large population of diverse neurons in the Drosophilacentral nervous system expresses short neuropeptide F, suggesting multiple distributed peptide functions

Figure 11

Larval sNPFp immunoreactive neurons do not coexpress DIMM. Double labeling of larval CNS with antiserum to sNPFp (magenta) and dimm -Gal4-driven GFP (c929-Gal4), voltex projections. A. Brain, subesophageal ganglion (SEG) and thoracic ganglia (ThG) with dimm-expressing neurons distinct from sNPFp-expressing ones. In the DLN cluster (arrows) in the brain corazonin-immunoreactive neurons (see Fig. 6C) can be found. These sNPF-corazonin expressing neurons could possibly coexpress dimm [15] (but GFP may be too weak here to be seen). MNC, median neurosecretory cells; MB, mushroom body lobes; Ca, calyx. B. Higher magnification of right brain hemisphere of another larva with the sNPFp-expressing DLN cluster of cell bodies and dimm-expressing median neurosecretory cells (MNC). No dimm-expression is seen in any of these neurons. C – D. Double labeling with anti-sNPFp and c929-Gal4 in larval ventral nerve cord shown in maximum projections and voltex reconstruction. No colocalization of markers is seen. C. Ventral view of the segments A3 – A9. D. Dorsal view of the segments A1 – A2. E. Cross section (rear view) of the segments A1 – A2.

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