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Figure 1

From: Distributed representations of the "preparatory set" in the frontal oculomotor system: a TMS study

Figure 1

Time line of the experiment: (a) the experiment consisted of six blocks (120 trials per block). The type of task (prosaccade or antisaccade gap task) was kept constant for three consecutive blocks. Single-pulse TMS was applied to the DLPFC, FEF, and SEF in separate blocks. The order of blocks was counterbalanced across participants. (b) This panel illustrates the prosaccade and antisaccade gap task. E = eye movements; T = target; FP = Fixation point (c) Schematic drawing of the procedure to place the TMS coil over frontal oculomotor areas. Hand = Primary motor hand area; Toe = Primary motor leg area; DLPFC = dorsolateral prefrontal cortex; FEF = frontal eye field; SEF = supplementary frontal eye field.

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