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Figure 2

From: MMP-28 as a regulator of myelination

Figure 2

MMP-28 protein reduces myelination. A) Identification of cell types present in DRG co-cultures. Green represents S-100 detection, red represents Neurofilament. Nuclei counterstained with DAPI. B) Immunocytochemistry of 6 day myelinating DRG co-cultures. Arrow indicates a representative MAG + axon, arrowhead indicates a representative MAG – axon. Green = MMP-28, Red = MAG. Blue = DAPI. B) Percent of myelinated axons following 6 days of myelination in the presence of 0, 10, or 20 nM MMP-28. *p = 0.006. Data represent the mean of three wells ± Standard deviation.

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