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Table 5 Density Comparison of METC Components in Cerebral, Neuroblastoma, and Undifferentiated RGC-5 Mitochondrial Samples.

From: Differential production of superoxide by neuronal mitochondria

  Complex I Complex II Complex III Complex IV VDAC PMP70
Cerebral 1 1 1 1 1 1
Neuro-blastoma 0.258 0.456 0.158 0.224 1.625 1.032
RGC-5 0.056 0.654 0.533 0.561 0.599 0.797
  1. The band density of mitochondrial related proteins were compared between cerebral, neuroblastoma, and RGC-5 derived mitochondrial samples for METC complexes I-IV. A comparison of VDAC and PMP70 expression were used to determine the presence of non-METC mitochondrial components and peroxisomal contamination, respectively. Cerebral, RGC-5, and neuroblastoma values are given as ratios compared to the band density of cerebral mitochondria.