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Table 2 Superoxide Production in Mitochondria from Cerebral, Neuroblastoma, and Undifferentiated RGC-5 Cells in the Presence of a Complex II Substrate and a Complex III Inhibitor.

From: Differential production of superoxide by neuronal mitochondria

  Cerebral Neuroblastoma RGC-5
  N = 7 N = 7 N = 8
  Mean SEM Mean SEM Mean SEM
Mitochondria 0.193 0.027 0.348 0.042 0.028 0.005
Succinate 0.216 0.022 0.307 0.024 0.031 0.005
Antimycin A 0.540 0.116 0.277 0.034 0.024 0.004
  1. The rates of superoxide production were determined after the addition of the complex II substrate succinate (10 mM) and the complex III inhibitor antimycin A (0.5 μM). Superoxide was indirectly measured using the H2O2 probe Amplex Red in the presence of horseradish peroxidase (HRP). The values are given in nmol H2O2/min/mg protein ± standard error of the mean (SEM), with n being the number of independent samples for each mitochondria type.