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Figure 6

From: Discordant localization of WFA reactivity and brevican/ADAMTS-derived fragment in rodent brain

Figure 6

Histochemical localization of WFA and ADAMTS-derived brevican fragment in rat and mouse brain. Localization of Wisteria floribunda agglutinin (WFA) and ADAMTS-derived fragment of brevican in rat and mouse brain including lateral thalamus (A-F), hippocampus (G-L) and cerebellum (M-R): Epifluorescent micrographs of biotinylated-WFA reactivity (A, D, G, J, M, and P, red), anti-EAVESE (rat) immunoreactivity (B, H, N, green), anti-EAMESE (mouse) immunoreactivity (E, K, Q, green) and merged composites of WFA and anti-EAVESE (C, I O), and WFA and anti-EAMESE (F, L, R) in fixed brain sections. Images A-L were captured at 25× magnification and M-R were captured at 100× magnification. Scale bar represents 100 μm.

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