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Figure 6

From: LV-pIN-KDEL: a novel lentiviral vector demonstrates the morphology, dynamics and continuity of the endoplasmic reticulum in live neurones

Figure 6

LV-pIN-KDEL reveals the ER in diverse neuronal and non-neuronal preparations. Lentivirus-mediated delivery of pIN-KDEL reveals the ER (green) in N38 neuroendocrine (A) and SHSY5Y (B) cell lines; neurones (C) and astrocytes (F) in dissociated rat hippocampal cultures; and cortical neurones in organotypic brain slice (D) and explant (E) cultures. Cells were fixed, in some cases stained with DAPI (nuclei), and imaged as described in Materials and Methods. Scale bars: A, B, 15 μm; C-F, 30 μm.

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