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Table 1 Timeline of morphological development in the taste system.

From: Factors that regulate embryonic gustatory development

Gustatory ganglion Placode formation Placode delamination migration Initial axon outgrowth Peak cell production Axons reach tongue Peak cell death Target innervation
Mouse E8.5 E9.5 E9.5 E10.5 E12 E14.5 E14-15
Rat E9.5-10 E11 E11.5 E12.5 E13.5 E16.5 E16.5
Tongue and taste buds Tongue Fungiform papillae (placode) (SEM) Full no. of fungiform papillae Taste bud differentiation begins Taste pores Full no. of vallate taste buds  
Mouse E12 E13-13.5 E14.5 E16.5 postnatal adult  
Rat E13.5 E14.5-15.5 E16.5 E20.5 postnatal adult  
  1. A general timetable of major morphological changes is provided for rats and mice. The first sperm/plug positive day is considered day 0.5. Mice typically develop two days earlier than rats. The bold time points have been determined experimentally, non-bold numbers are estimated values based on this two-day difference.