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Figure 5

From: Analysis of axonal regeneration in the central and peripheral nervous systems of the NG2-deficient mouse

Figure 5

Functional recovery after sciatic nerve injury. Histograms illustrating the time taken for the recovery of motor function (assayed by toe spreading reflex) and sensory function (assayed by sensitivity to Von Frey hairs) after peripheral nerve injury in wild-type (black columns) versus knockout mice (grey columns). Group size was N = 6 wild-type and N = 6 knockout for Fig. 5a and b and N = 9 wild-type and N = 9 knockout for Fig. 5c. Standard error of the mean is indicated for each column. The differences between wild-type and knockout mice in time taken to recover sensory and motor function were not significant for any of the lesion groups (sciatic nerve crush, Fig. 5a; sciatic nerve crush and saphenous nerve excision, Fig. 5b; sciatic nerve transection and reanastamosis, Fig. 5c).

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