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Table 1 A list of major pre-synaptic proteins in the mammalian synapse.

From: Synaptic proteins as multi-sensor devices of neurotransmission

Protein ID UniProt Symbol HUGOa Localization TMD Commentb
1. Amisyn Q8NFX7 STXBP6 Cyt No Exo
2. Amphyphysin P49418 AMPH SV, PM No Endo
3. Basoon Q9UPA5 BSN Cyt No M
4. Bridging integrator O00499 BIN1 Cyt, SV No M*
6. CASK O14936 CASK Cyt No M. Exo
8. CAST O15083 CAST1 Cyt, PM No M
9. Complexin Q6PUV4 CPLX2 PM No Exo
10. CSP Q9H3Z4 DNAJC5 Cyt, SV No M, Exo
11. Doc2 DOC2A Q14183 SV No Exo
12. Dynamin P50570 DNM2 Cyt, SV No M, Endo
13. Epsin Q9Y6I3 EPN1 Cyt No M, Endo
14. Hrs-2 O14964 HGS Cyt, SV No M
15. Intersectin Q15811 ITSN1 CytSV NoNo Endo, M
16. Latrophilin O94910 LPHN1 PM Yes Exo
17. Liprin-α Q13136 PPFIA1 Cyt No M*
18. Mint/X -11 Q02410 APBA1 Cyt No M, Exo
19. Munc-13 Q9UPW8 UNC13A Cyt, PM No M, Exo -Endo
20. Munc-18 O00186 STXBP3 Cyt, PM No Exo
21. Neurexin P58400 NRX1 PM Yes M, Exo
22. NSF NSF P46459 SV, Cyt No M*
23. NT transporter P23975 SLC6A2 SVPM Yes M
24. NTvesicle transporter Q16572 SLC18A3 PMSV Yes M
25. P/Q Ca2+ channel O00555 CACNA1A PM Yes Exo
26. Pallklin Q9UL45 PLDN Cyt, SV No M
27. Piccolo Q9Y6VO PCLO Cyt No M
28. Rab3 P20336 RAB3A Cyt, SV No M, Exo *
29. Rabconnectin-3 Q8WTV7 DMXL2 Cyt No M, Exo
30. Rabphilin Q9Y2JO RPH3A SV No M, Exo
31. RIM Q86UR5 RIMS1 PM No M, Exo
32. RIMS binding protein O15034 RIMBP2 SV Yes Exo, M *
33. SCAMP O15126 SCAMP1 SV Yes M
34. SNAP-25 P60880 SNAP25 PM No Exo
35. Snapin O95295 SNAPAP PM, Cyt No Exo, Endo
36. Stonin-2 Q8WXE9 STN2 Cyt No Endo
37. SV2 Q7L0J3 SV2A SV Yes Exo, M
38. Synapsin P17600 SYN1 SV No M
39. synaptogyrin O43759 SYNGR1 SV Yes Exo
40. Synaptojanin O43426 SYNJ1 Cyt PM No Endo*
41. Synaptophysin P08247 SYP SV Yes M, Exo
42. Synaptotagmin P21579 SYT1 SV Yes Exo, Endo
43. Syntaphilin O15079 SNPH PM Yes Exo
44. Syntaptoporin Q8TBG9 SYNPR PM Yes Exo
45. Syntaxin Q16623 STX1A PM Yes Exo
46. Tomosyn Q5T5C0 STXBP5 PM Yes Exo
47. VAMP P63027 VAMP1 SV Yes Exo
48. VAT-1 Q99536 VAT1 SV No M
49. Vo P27449 ATP6V0C PM Yes Exo, Endo
50. α-SNAP P54920 NAPA SV No M, Exo
  1. Most proteins that function in the mammalian SV life cycle are listed. aProtein symbols are provided by HUGO, the Human Genome Organization Gene nomenclature committee IDs are according to UniProt database bProteins listed are from Human are marked according to their main function in exocytosis (Exo), endocytosis (Endo) and synapse maintenance (M). The proteins with intrinsic enzymatic activity are marked by an asterisk (*). Proteins whose function is in building, shaping and maintenance of the pre-and postsynaptic structures are not included. For simplicity only one representative of a gene family is listed. PM, plasma membrane; Cyt, cytosol; TMD, transmembrane domain.