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Figure 3

From: Expression of Hepatoma-derived growth factor family members in the adult central nervous system

Figure 3

Expression of HDGF family members in Purkinje cells. Antibodies against HDGF (A), HRP-2 (D), HRP-3 (G) and Calbindin (B, E, H) were used to detect the respective proteins in brain slices of adult mice. Double stainings demonstrate that all three members are expressed in nuclei of Calbindin positive cells of the cerebellum (arrowheads in A, D and G). Arrows in C and F indicate HDGF and HRP-2 positive cells in the white matter. Arrows in I point to HRP-3 expressing cells in the IGL. EGL: external granular cell layer; MCL: molecular cell layer; PCL: Purkinje cell layer; IGL: internal granular cell layer; WM: white matter. Bars are 40 μm

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