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Figure 5

From: Transient change in GABAA receptor subunit mRNA expression in Lurchercerebellar nuclei during Purkinje cell degeneration

Figure 5

A: Recordings of mIPSCs in hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons of Lc/+ [postnatal day (p) 15] and wild type mice (WT; p17) under chloride symmetrical conditions at the indicated holding potentials (Vh). B: The mean peak amplitudes (Imean) of the mIPSCs were plotted versus the Vh values and a regression line (r2 = 0.97 for Lc/+, r2 = 0.98 for WT) was generated to determine the equilibrium potential that was close to the expected 0 mV (+2.2 mV for Lc/+; -1.6 mV for WT). C: Application of bicuculline 10 μM blocked the mIPSCs, indicating that they were GABAA-receptor-mediated events.

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