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Figure 17

From: Human sensory-evoked responses differ coincident with either "fusion-memory" or "flash-memory", as shown by stimulus repetition-rate effects

Figure 17

audA-wave data from subject Mn. Monaural right ear stimulation. Abscissa, ms; ordinate V; Filter: 5–130 Hz. Full data length shown.

Top trace: audA-waves from stimulation at 40 S/s taken on three separate Sequence Lengths: 1.6 s, 2 s, 3 s. Note that up to about 500 ms the waveforms overlay with only small differences. From 500 to perhaps 1400 ms there is some agreement, but clearly there are more differences.

Middle trace: Overlapped (convolved) data from which the 3 s waveform in the Top trace was deconvolved. There are 20 stimuli every 500 ms.

Bottom trace: Control EEG obtained without stimulation, then averaged, and deconvolved. Note absence of any "response".

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