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Figure 4

From: Synaptogenesis and outer segment formation are perturbed in the neural retina of Crx mutant mice

Figure 4

Outer segment morphogenesis in Crx-/- photoreceptors. Scanning electron microscopy of developing photoreceptors viewed from the scleral side with the pigmented epithelium removed at P7, P14, and P21 for Crx+/+ (A, C, and E) and Crx-/- (B, D, F) littermates. In Crx+/+ retina, numerous connecting cilia (A, cc) were evident at P7 with rudimentary outer segments. After P7, in Crx+/+ outer segment elongation occurs. Initially, outer segments have a paddle-like structure (C, os) which is later shed (E, os). In Crx-/- photoreceptors, few connecting cilia were observed at P7 (B, cc). After P7, connecting cilia were more numerous and occasionally a malformed outer segment was noted extending from a connecting cilium (D and F, cc*). These were rarely observed in Crx+/+ and only at P14 (C, cc*). At P21, abnormally long connecting cilia are noted in Crx-/- (F, cc). Scale bars = 10 μm

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