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Figure 6

From: Synaptic and genomic responses to JNK and AP-1 signaling in Drosophila neurons

Figure 6

Comparison of the top 60 expressed genes in larval CNS with expression profiles from embryo and photoreceptor cells identified by SAGE. The top 60 highly expressed tags from the hepact CNS control library were compared with control libraries from embryonic [45] and photoreceptor tissues (Jasper and Bohmann, unpublished data). The number of tags for each gene is indicated on the left for all three tissues and all libraries examined, normalized, to the same number – 20,000 – of total tags sequenced. Tag rankings are sorted in descending order for the control library for each tissue using hepact CNS control library as reference, after eliminating tags with more than 3 matches to the genome and excluding any ribosomal RNA binding proteins (highly enriched) and selecting only tags that mapped to an identified gene. 19/60 (green) highly expressed genes in the CNS libraries were also in the top 60 of highly expressed genes in the embryo and photoreceptor libraries while 22/60 (white) are found in the top 60 only in the CNS libraries. There were 13/60 (pink) genes found only in the top 60 of CNS and photoreceptor libraries and 6/60 (gray) genes found only in the top 60 of CNS and embryo libraries.

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