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Table 3 Lamina cribrosa cell and ONH astrocyte responses to recovery following oxygen-glucose deprivation.

From: Neurotrophin and Trk expression by cells of the human lamina cribrosa following oxygen-glucose deprivation

  Lamina cribrosa cells ONH astrocytes
Cell Number 80 % survival 80 % survival
NT Expression ↑ BDNF; others near control levels ↑ NGF
Trk Expression ↓ Trk A, ↓ Trk C ↑ Trk A
Phospho-Trk Expression ↓ 148 kDa isoform; others near control levels ↑ 120 kDa isoform (Trk A); ↓ 148 kDa isoform
Secretion of NTs near control levels ↓ BDNF