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Figure 2

From: parkin counteracts symptoms in a Drosophila model of Parkinson's disease

Figure 2

Expression of parkin suppresses α- synuclein -induced retinal degeneration. Flies that express α-synuclein with and without parkin were aged to 1 or 30 days old. They were fixed and embedded in epon. Tangential sections (0.5 μm thick) of the retina were cut, stained with toludine blue and examined by light microscopy. Panels A-C represent one-day-old flies and panels D-F represent thirty-day-old flies. Black arrows indicate degeneration of the ommatidial architecture. The genotypes are (A,D) w1118; UAS-α-synuclein/GMR-Gal4, (B,E) w1118; UAS-synuclein/GMR-Gal4; UAS-parkin1.1/+, and (C,F) w1118; UAS-α-synuclein/GMR-Gal4; UAS-parkin2.1/+. Scale bar is 15 μm.

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