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Table 4 Study Group Composition

From: Brain weight differences associated with induced focal microgyria

  Study 1: Environment Study 2: Development Study 3: Sex
Age at Time of Brain Analysis P118 P30 (N = 7L/11s) P52 (N = 8L/10S) P83 (N = 10L/10S) P110
Environment Standard Housing (N = 7L/7S) White Noise (N = 6L/7S) Enriched (N = 7L/6S) Standard Housing Standard Housing
Subject Sex Male Male Male (N = 10L/10S) Female (N = 10L/10S)
  1. A summary of the three Study Groups used to evaluate effects of induced P1 bilateral microgyria on brain weight. Note: P = Postnatal Day (P0 = birth), L = Microgyric Lesion Subject, S = Sham Subject