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Figure 5

From: HIV-1 Tat C phosphorylates VE-cadherin complex and increases human brain microvascular endothelial cell permeability

Figure 5

HIV-1 Tat C activates PYK-2 in dose dependent manner. (A) Western blot images showing a dose dependent increase in activity of PYK2 as increased phosphorylated form of PYK2 at Y-402 position in HIV-1 Tat C treated hBMVECs, as compared to control (buffer treated hBMVECs). (B) Densitometry of western blot images, done by ImageJ software to show quantitative changes in phosphorylation of PYK2 at different doses of HIV-1 Tat C treatment. Higher doses of HIV-1 Tat C protein significantly activated PYK2 (***shown for p value ≤0.0005) in three biological repeated experiments and results are shown as mean ± S.E. (C) Western blot analysis for phosphorylated PYK2 showing effect of ROS scavenger (DPI) on PYK2 activation. (D) The graph bars are showing densitometry to show average change in phosphorylated PYK2 after DPI treatment. P value ≤0.05 shown as *to show the significance level of change between Tat C versus DPI + Tat C treated group.

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