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Figure 5

From: Astroglial-axonal interactions during early stages of myelination in mixed cultures using in vitro and ex vivoimaging techniques

Figure 5

cGFP-positive transplanted cells near the transplantation site differentiated into astrocytes. Images were obtained from spinal cord of a shiverer mouse transplanted with cGFP positive neurospheres. A-C) 3 days post-transplantation of cGFP positive neurospheres many transplanted cells had differentiated into astrocytes, as indicated by colocalisation with the antibody to GFAP (arrow). D-F). High magnification confocal images, revealed the morphological details of the cGFP-positive astroglial cells 15 days post-transplantation. G-I) A few microns from the transplantation point, the transplanted cells had morphology resembling that of oligodendrocytes with many fine processes. These cells were negative for GFAP. Representative images from at least 15 separate experiments.

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