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Figure 2

From: Genes showing altered expression in the medial preoptic area in the highly social maternal phenotype are related to autism and other disorders with social deficits

Figure 2

Significant and near-significant qPCR results for a subset of genes differentially expressed in the MPOA. The relative expression (y-axis) represents a ratio of gene expression in postpartum versus virgin females, using Hmbs and Hprt as reference genes. Ratios over one indicate genes with higher expression values in postpartum females, while ratios less than one indicate genes with lower expression values in postpartum females. The box whisker plots demarcate the range (whiskers), interquartile range (box), and median (solid white line) for each gene tested. In confirmation of microarray results, Ace, Gabre, and Nos1 were significantly down-regulated in lactating females, and Bcl2, Glul, Oxtr, and Socs were significantly up-regulated in lactating females. While Gabrq was significantly down-regulated in microarray results, there was a trend toward significance in qPCR results. *p < 0.05; **p < 0.01; ***p < 0.001.

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