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Figure 1

From: Multi-target action of the novel anti-Alzheimer compound CHF5074: in vivo study of long term treatment in Tg2576 mice

Figure 1

Novel object recognition memory in the different treatment groups. Bars represent the average (± SEM) of the recognition index in the novel object recognition task. Vehicle-treated Tg2576 mice showed a borderline significant impairment of recognition compared to control non-transgenic mice treated with vehicle (p = 0.052). CHF5074-treatment (375 ppm) completely reversed memory impairment in Tg2576 mice (p = 0.031). DAPT was ineffective both in Tg2576 and wild-type animals (wild type not shown). The number of animals included in each group is indicated under the corresponding bar. *p < 0.05 and # p = 0.052 vs vehicle-treated Tg2576 mice.

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