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Table 1 Metric morphological data measured and their description

From: Somato-dendritic morphology and dendritic signal transfer properties differentiate between fore- and hindlimb innervating motoneurons in the frog Rana esculenta

Group Morphological variable Description
Soma Roundness The ratio between the maximum and minimum diameters of the soma.
  Soma surface The average surface area of the prolate and oblate ellipsoids fitted to the soma.
Stem dendrites Number of stem dendrites Number of dendrites connected to the soma.
  Sum of diameters of stem dendrites The mean stem diameter multiplied by the number of stem dendrites.
Dendritic tree Number of dendritic branches A branch is defined as part of the dendritic tree between two branch points, a branch point and an end point or between the soma and the first branch point.
  Maximum order of dendritic branches The highest number of branch points along dendritic paths from the soma to end points.
  Combined (total) dendritic length Sum of the length of all dendritic branches.
  Surface Sum of the surface of all dendritic branches.
  Mean parent length Mean length of branches connecting two branch points in the dendritic tree of the neuron.
  Mean distance to BRP Mean distance of branch points from the soma measured along the dendritic branches (path distance).
  Mean distance to ENDP Mean distance of end points from the soma measured along the dendritic branches (path distance).
  Max distance of ENDP Path distance of the farthest end point from the soma.
  1. Descriptors were divided into three groups describing the somata, stem dendrites and dendritic arborization.