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Figure 1

From: Functional connectivity profile of the human inferior frontal junction: involvement in a cognitive control network

Figure 1

Activation likelihood of cortical areas associated with left IFJ activations. (p < 0.001, FDR corrected): a) and b) subregions of the frontal/insular cluster of the left hemisphere (1 inferior frontal gyrus / IFJ, 2 middle frontal gyrus, 3 inferior frontal gyrus, 4 precentral gyrus, 5 precentral gyrus, 6 insula) c) postero-medial frontal cortex (7 left medial frontal gyrus) d) posterior regions (8 left superior / inferior parietal lobule, 9 right inferior parietal lobule, 10 left fusiform gyrus / inferior temporal gyrus / cerebellum.

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