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Figure 2

From: Identification of α-Chimaerin as a Candidate Gene for Critical Period Neuronal Plasticity in Cat and Mouse Visual Cortex

Figure 2

Bidirectional regulation of α-chimaerin protein expression by age and dark rearing in cat visual cortex. A. Western blots showing levels of α1- and α2-chimaerin and actin protein expression in cat visual cortex. Same blot was stripped and reprobed with the three antibodies. B and C. Densitometric results for α1- and α2-chimaerin protein levels in cat visual cortex. Mean +/- S.E. of protein expression as determined by densitometry (corrected against actin to correct for loading errors) from three independent groups of cats are plotted. Data from each group were normalized against N20 animals. Statistical significance of relevant normal/dark reared post hoc comparisons is indicated.

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